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What You Should Know About Loans and Mortgages Before You Apply

Applying for any type of loan, especially one with the commitment of a mortgage, can be a confusing, complicated process. But it doesn’t have to be. With the wealth of financial information available today, you have the ability to prepare

Life Insurance: The Usages

They say that when you’re a hammer, all the world’s a nail. It seems like life insurance salespeople will try to sell you life insurance as a solution to almost any problem you may have. We’ll give you a bit

Bitcoin: What’s the Big Deal

Yesterday, Bitcoin hit yet another all-time high of $2779 per BTC, before retreating nearly 20% by afternoon… and gaining more than half of that back in the overnight! Does this sound like your kind of investing? Are you ready to

The New Tax Code And You – Millennials

As tax time approaches, there are even more questions than usual this year. With the sweeping changes in tax law that passed in December, what used to be deductible might not be anymore, and what used to be taxed might