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Three Tips for First Time Home Flippers

Everyone has heard the hype on flipping houses, but few know everything that is involved with the process. Aside from researching and finding the best investment mortgage lenders, one should be somewhat familiar with the process. There were over 327,000

What’s the Point of a Business Appraisal Valuation?

There are 26.5 million businesses in the U.S., with around 543,000 new ones popping up every month — and more than that closing their doors for good. A business appraisal valuation can be important for companies who are looking to

A Guide to the Three Business Valuation Approaches

If you own a business and you are looking to sell it, to gain investors, or to take out a loan, you probably are well aware of how important the valuation of your business is. The amount of capital you

Getting Cash for Your Annuity — Companies Purchasing Structured Settlements

Often, being awarded a significant amount of money as a result of either a lottery win or a favorable outcome in a lawsuit can satisfy long term financial needs, but not immediate ones. This happens because most of these payments