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Stop Investing Your Money in the Daily Grind

If you listen to any old timer, your are more than likely going to hear the phrase “things are not like they used to be.” While we often dismiss sentiments like these from the older generation, in many ways they

Monthly Annuity Payments Versus Lump Sum Payments

Were you one of the rare and lucky people who actually won a substantial amount through the lottery? Many people buy lottery tickets, but very few actually win enough money to change their lives. Of those who do win a

Why it Really Doesn’t Matter if You Choose a Lottery Lump Sum Payout or a Structured Settlement

There’s a reason why award winning and critically acclaimed rapper Biggie Smalls, also known as the Notorious B.I.G., rhymed about having “more money, more problems.” Many people wrongfully assume that suddenly coming upon a lump sump of money, such as

Selling Your Monthly Annuity Payments Can Improve Your Life

You purchased a lottery ticket, imagining all of the ways that it could change your life. You imagined the house you would buy, the car that you would drive and the many ways that you would be able to help