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Why Should You Sell Your Fixed Annuity? Several Reasons

Did you know that, by the end of 2013, nearly 35 million people were receiving money from deferred annuity contracts — with annuities collectively being worth about $2.6 trillion? That?s a lot of money — and a lot of money

Got a Structured Settlement? Use it to Pay Off Debt!

Those who have received a structured settlement as a result of a lawsuit or lottery winning often find themselves with a large sum of money, but with little access to it for a period of time after receiving it. Often

Looking to Invest? Consider an REIT

There are several entities and markets in which to invest, especially in the U.S. Have you ever asked yourself, “Should I invest in real estate?” The American economic collapse of 2008 undoubtedly did a number on the real estate industry.

Turning Your Loose Change and Bills Into Real Cash

You just purchased a coffee at the local coffee shop. You handed your barista a five dollar bill, and she handed you back your change, a one dollar bill and a few coins. You probably don?t even pay attention to

Taking Your Business to the Next Level How to Spend More Time Doing Business?

The 21st century has been a revolutionary one for the small business world. The introduction of the internet has made it easier for small businesses to grow through social media, SEO, and other forms of digital media. Likewise, businesses are