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Business Valuation Why You Should Consider It

Company valuation tool

The business world is a complicated one, and of course, many of those complications have to do with money. You see, much of a business’s monetary value is determined by things like sales, production, and of course profit. However, the process of evaluating your business is not as simple as figuring out how much you make per year. It’s also about looking into how much employees are paid, how much it costs to keep the business afloat per year, and much more. If you’re a small business owner, you know as well as anyone that you’re extremely busy. You have to worry about a variety of things, and even if you have time to figure out the value of your business, you may not have the expertise necessary to do so. This isn’t something you can leave to chance. Whether you’re looking for investors or hoping

How to Find a Business Valuation

Comps valuation

Being able to valuate a business is very important to the decision of to buy or not to buy. Whether you are thinking about buying out a smaller company or merging with a larger one, you want to make sure that you are properly finding out the value of the company and evaluating the potential risks.

If you are using the comparables valuation approach, this basically means that the equity’s value of the company you are looking at needs to be similar to other equities that are in the same or similar class. For example, a stock can have its firm be compared to its competition or at least arrivals that are in similar business classes. If there are discrepancies in the value between firms that are similar to each other this could mean there is opportunity. Normally when this happens, the buying party will hope th

How to Accurately Analyze Your Business Valuation

Business valuation tool

If you are a small business owner, the time may come when you need to conduct a business valuation analysis. It may surprise you to learn that the final business valuation is not an absolute. The results you get from your analysis are very much dependent on the reasons you are looking to have the valuation done. Two of the key factors that need to be considered are the reasons you are doing the analysis and how you look at the value of your business. These are often referred to, formally, as the premise of value and the standard of value. Many people are not sure how to value a company because they have never been in the position to so such an analysis.

5 Methods for How to Value

Three Tips for First Time Home Flippers

Reasons to invest in commercial real estate

Everyone has heard the hype on flipping houses, but few know everything that is involved with the process. Aside from researching and finding the best investment mortgage lenders, one should be somewhat familiar with the process. There were over 327,000 repossessions in the year 2014 alone, meaning the opportunity to embark on this vast market is plentiful. The average sale price of a home in 2016 was $186,000, meaning you should have as much information as possible before asking investment mortgage brokers for lending options. Read these successful tips for first time home flippers, or those interested in getting into the business.

Know Your Plan

What’s the Point of a Business Appraisal Valuation?

Comparables valuation

There are 26.5 million businesses in the U.S., with around 543,000 new ones popping up every month — and more than that closing their doors for good.

A business appraisal valuation can be important for companies who are looking to sell their business, or for tax purposes, stock appraisal, or litigation concerns. But other than these obvious circumstances, when might you need a business valuation — and do you really need to pay a business valuation firm thousands of dollars to do it for you?

The answer is: Well, maybe. There are many factors that go into a business appraisal valuation, not least of all your need for a valuation itself. That may be surprising, but in the end, this process of measuring

A Guide to the Three Business Valuation Approaches

Business valuation software

If you own a business and you are looking to sell it, to gain investors, or to take out a loan, you probably are well aware of how important the valuation of your business is. The amount of capital you are able to raise in exchange for as little equity as possible is incredibly important while gathering investors. The price tag you get while selling your business is obviously based on the valuation it gets. When you take out a loan to grow your business, the value of the business is used to determine how much of a loan you can get. When you are liquidating a business, the valuation you get determines how much you’re able to repay to your debtors.

With so many different purposes for business valuations, it is no surprise that there is more than one approach that will give you a different, ye

Getting Cash for Your Annuity — Companies Purchasing Structured Settlements

Sell your annuity payments

Often, being awarded a significant amount of money as a result of either a lottery win or a favorable outcome in a lawsuit can satisfy long term financial needs, but not immediate ones. This happens because most of these payments are made in the form of structured settlements or annuity payments. This is a particular mode of payment where you are supposed to receive your winnings in parts, with one part coming every year till you get your entire due amount. Such annuity settlements are preferred by many as they bring relative financial comfort over longer periods of time, and can even help people manage their finances better keeping these payments in mind. However, if you have an immediate financial need that requires the presence of a large amount of liquid cash, you might want to start looking fo

Stop Investing Your Money in the Daily Grind

Cash for annuity

If you listen to any old timer, your are more than likely going to hear the phrase “things are not like they used to be.” While we often dismiss sentiments like these from the older generation, in many ways they are correct. No, candy doesn’t cost a penny anymore and you would be hard pressed to buy a cup of coffee for a nickel, that’s the nature of inflation, but especially in a time where the economic inequalities between regular Americans and the recently dubbed 1% are so vast it is easy to see things have changed. According to leading economic theorists, the idea of what was initially termed the American Dream has radically shifted in the last 40 years making upward mobility harder than it ever has been. Recent studies have shown that American consumers are at an all time low in terms of their savings and

Monthly Annuity Payments Versus Lump Sum Payments

Calculating a structured settlement

Were you one of the rare and lucky people who actually won a substantial amount through the lottery? Many people buy lottery tickets, but very few actually win enough money to change their lives. Of those who do win a large amount of money, many of them are encouraged to receive monthly annuity payments rather than getting a lump sum of money. This option may be best for some people are unable to control how much money they spend, but for many, it is not the best option because of the things it limits you from doing with your money. The moment that you saw that last winning number, you probably had a hundred things cross your mind of what you would like to do with your money, but how do you really choose what is best?

A lottery annuity is the agreement to receive smaller monthly paymen

Why it Really Doesn’t Matter if You Choose a Lottery Lump Sum Payout or a Structured Settlement

Selling structured settlements

There’s a reason why award winning and critically acclaimed rapper Biggie Smalls, also known as the Notorious B.I.G., rhymed about having “more money, more problems.” Many people wrongfully assume that suddenly coming upon a lump sump of money, such as an inheritance or winning the lottery, is a surefire way to become happy. And while it’s true that money may provide temporary happiness by way of being able to afford that custom foreign car you’ve always wanted, it rarely — if ever — leads to long term, sustainable happiness. Actor Jim Carrey, who is an advocate of the law of attraction, is famous for saying, “I hope everybody could get rich and famous and will have everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know it’s not the answer.”

And he’s right. How many times have you read about